wooden standing buddha-wsb0005
  • wooden standing buddha-wsb0005

Wooden Standing Buddha – WSTB0005

Burma, wooden standing Mandalay Buddha, mandalay period (1853-1948) with gold leaf and lacquer. Standing in Vajrasana on a high base lotus style with the varada mudra hands style signifies offering, welcome, charity, giving, compassion and sincerity and the uttarasanga in the closed mode, covering the arms and chest and held at each side of the lower body by downward-stretched hands . The image of Buddha wearing a robe elaborately folded, edged and decorated often with inset mirror glass, the hair hugs the head in tight curls and covers as usnisha. Below, at its lower centre, appears the antaravasaka. The sanghati flows in multitudinous folds from the left shoulder. In his right hand the Buddha holds the medicinal myrobalan fruit.

Price : IDR 250,000,000