wooden standing buddha-wsm0003
  • wooden standing buddha-wsm0003
  • wooden standing buddha-wsm0003

Wooden Standing Buddha – WSTB0003

Laos, Luang Phrabang period – Lan-chang Kingdom 17th/18th century, wooden standing Rain Buddha with old lacquer and pigments. The image of Rain Buddha commonly described with the hairline is curved, as are the high arched eyebrows that meet at the bridge of the nose. The full lips are drawn in a slight pucker, portraying a peaceful and contented expression. The hair curls are well formed and distinct, and the unusually long ear lobes are shaped like snail shells. The Buddha has a distinctive finial or radiance in the form of a flame emerging from the ushnisha (symbolic flame of enlightment) on top his head and he have a narrow hips, long slender fingers of equal length.

The “calling rain” mudra was one of the miracles in the story and life of Rain Buddha, after years of drought, Buddha stood in meditation and summoned the rain ended the drought and created a rainfall that brought nourishment to the rice fields and the gesture of calling Rain Buddha found only in Laos.

Price : IDR 79,000,000 ( SOLD )