wooden reclining buddha-wb0001
  • wooden reclining buddha-wb0001
  • wooden reclining buddha-wb0001

Wooden Reclining Buddha – WRB0001

Burma, old wooden reclining Mandalay Buddha. The Buddha was staying at Savatthi entering Parinirvana represents the Buddha on his mahdaparinivana ( the great and final extinction from the cycles of rebirths ). The Buddha is at rest; the slender body wears monk’s garments; the folds of the robe flow over each other. The right arm supports the upper body. The meditative facial expression emphasized by the half-closed eyes which look downward and the dignified repose of the body seek to call to mind the last moments of life. Characteristic of this Mandalay Buddha style are the headband, the hair hugs the head in tight curls and covers as usnisha.

Price : IDR 5,900,000 ( SOLD )